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Experienced Ecommerce Sellers

Experienced Ecommerce Sellers

Experienced Ecommerce SellersExperienced Ecommerce Sellers

What we do

Founded in 2004, Tran Redman, Inc is a leading e-commerce company. Tran Redman, Inc sells through its partner websites, including Amazon, Walmart.com, eBay amongst others. Tran Redman, Inc strategically sets competitive price points and builds a connection between the consumer and the brand. 

What we buy

Tran Redman, Inc is a buyer of brand name wholesale consumer products., We buy thousands of items across dozens of categories. Tools, toys, video games, video game consoles and accessories, health & beauty, cosmetics, fragrances, housewares, pet items, electronics, home decor, kitchen products, cleaning supplies, lawn and garden, barbecue tools, automotive items, party supplies, and everything in between. Primarily we are looking to purchase every day, consumer retail products that can be found in the average home.